2016/2017 incoming 6th grade families

Welcome to MS104! We are excited to have you as part of our community.

In order to stay in touch, the MS104 PTA sends out an email newsletter called the Baruch Blast weekly during the school year.   The Baruch Blast is not the only communication from the school but it does help families keep up-to-date with what is happening. To sign up for the Baruch Blast, please use this linkAfter entering a parent email address and students’ first and last name, click “2016/17 incoming 6th grade” as the email list. If you have more than one address or family member who would like to receive the blast, please repeat the process for each family member.

An orientation will be held for the parents/guardians of incoming 6th  graders on June 27 at 9:30 a.m. in the school's auditorium. The meeting will last approximately one hour. This is an opportunity to meet key personnel at the school and receive information regarding the start of school in September. Please enter the school using the 20th street entrance. A copy of the Principal's letter is included here for your reference. Below are links to the other material included in the package sent to incoming 6th grade families:

Incoming 6th Grade Questionnaire
Summer Reading List Cover Letter
Summer Reading List
Optional Reading Log

As you prepare to enter 6th Grade, please consider donating to our Direct Appeal fund. As a public school parent, you're aware that DOE budgets rarely cover all needs for our students. Most recently, the PTA partially funded the purchase of 20 new air conditioners to provide a more comfortable classroom environment for some of our students. Please use this link to donate. Thank you for your support!

 We look forward to seeing you on June 27!

7th grade families
The 2016 - 2017 High School Directory and Specialized High Schools Student Handbook was distributed to all 7th grade students. It is an important resource and tool to help families over the summer and throughout 8th grade to research and explore the High School process. For more information on the process,please use the link to see a copy of the presentation given by the 8th grade guidance counselor

Direct appeal
It's near the end of another school year and what better time to make a donation to our Direct Appeal Fund for the school and our students.    Click here now to donate.

Whether you're a graduating family who may want to make a Thank-You contribution or a continuing family who wants to provide ongoing support to your school community,   any contribution, no matter how small helps.   Please consider making a donation to MS104 PTA to help continue to support the school into the new year.

Family donations allowed the PTA to recently purchase 20 new air conditioners for classrooms which are especially helpful in this last month of school as well as in the early months of the new school year when the heat is in full force.   Your donations allow the PTA to help cover costs involved in creating a fun and festive Prom for our 8th graders.   

Additionally this year, donations have allowed the PTA to say yes to a request from our administration to purchase 800 calculators.  This leveled the playing field to allow all students to be using the same calculator rather than some using an older calculator version which did not have a particular function key.  We also were able to pay for $35K in professional staff support which was above and beyond the school's budget.  

These are just some examples of how your donations help contribute to the school and our students.  Without them, they are simply not possible because as a public school parent you know that DOE budgets rarely cover all needs of our students.  

Please consider donating before the end of the school year to allow us to continue to support the school and our students.  
 CLICK HERE NOW to make a donation.  Our goal is $250 per family however ANY contribution is appreciated whether it be big or small, $20, $104, $250, $500 or more!  You can make it a one time or recurring monthly donation.  Please make a donation that makes sense for your family but we do hope you'll consider making one.

As a reminder, your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law as MS104 PTA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  EIN 20-8025319.

Double your donation by checking if you or your spouse works for a company with a Matching Gift Program here 


8th Grade Families

Thursday, June 23 -- Graduation
Graduation will be held at the Hunter College auditorium. Tickets for graduation will be distributed in June and each student will receive four. Additional tickets will be given only to those students who have paid senior dues and have a written request from a parent. Please understand additional tickets will be limited and given out on a first come, first served basis, as we cannot exceed the capacity of the auditorium.
Any residual funds from senior dues will be used to support the following school programs:
  • Cover costs for families in need of financial assistance regarding these fees, as well as fees for senior trip and/or senior prom.
  • School-wide PBIS program (costs include Baruch Bucks, items for the school store, class rewards for positive behavior in relation to the PBIS program, etc.)
  • School-wide after school sports, arts, and academic programs (costs includes art, drama and music supplies, uniforms for school teams, referees for competitive sports, equipment for after school programs, etc.)

after-school programs
Manhattan Youth is available to assist students and talk with parents in the Main Office, Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm. To register for programs and for further information, click here

For Manhattan Youth MS104 Calendar click here

For weekly updates on Manhattan Youth's After-school program you can also click the "Afterschool" banner at the top. Manhattan Youth's Monday Memo will be updated every Monday.

Turn your pre-loved clothes into cash for our kids!