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    Bronx Science High School: Spring Tour Information (7th Graders)

    Bronx Science High School: Spring Tour | Wednesday, June 6, 5-7 pm
    The tour is self-guided so students and parents/guardians may arrive at any time between the hours of 5:00 - 7:00pm and feel free to stay as long as they like.
    Students and parents/guardians will be able to talk to students, parents, teachers and administrators and learn about the Bronx Science experience. They will be able to visit demonstrations in every department. The presentations will be given throughout the evening so they can come anytime before 7:00pm and drop into any class for as long as they wish.  
    Visit the website: to learn more about the school, including directions after school activitiesCourse Guide, etc.
    Register by using this link
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Manhattan Youth Announcements

    DYCD Young Citizens Conference
    This past weekend our very own 'Student Council'were winners at this years 'DYCD Young Citizens Conference'. The council held a school wide essay contest based off the middle school experience. They were led by Ms. Dean with help ofRaynieri Rodriguez and Hector Alvarez. A huge congratulations to the following participants that put a lot of work into this... Sara Roger- Gordon,Meera Nagulendran , Hudson Athas , Emily Burford , Lyna Roshdi and Anjini Katari. Thank You!
    Summer Youth Camp: July 9 - August 3
    See MY's website for more information on contacts, scheduling etc.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    PTA News & Updates

    PTA Executive Board & SLT Elections
    Nominations for the PTA and SLT will close on May 16. Voting takes place at the June meeting. The NEW DATE IS JUNE 21
    • All positions on the PTA Board are open: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member-at-Large
    • Existing board members who plan to stay on the board will need to nominate themselves
    • There are two SLT spots open for the June vote.
    • Nominate someone or yourself by emailing the PTA
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    PTA Executive Board & SLT Elections

    PTA Executive Board & SLT Elections
    Nominations for the PTA and SLT will open at the April PTA General Meeting and close at the May meeting. Voting takes place at the June meeting.
    • We need a new PTA President!! The current President is leaving the school and there is no co-president
    • All positions on the PTA are open for nomination--existing board members who plan to stay on the board will need to nominate themselves.
    • There are two SLT spots open for the June vote. One additional slot will be held for an incoming 6th grade family member.
    • Nominate someone or yourself by emailing the PTA
    Nomination Committee
    We are seeking at least two people with no affiliation to the PTA or SLT and who are not planning to run for either board to form a nominating committee to solicit and manage nominations for both the PTA and SLT elections. Please email the PTA if you're interested.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Amazon Affiliate Program

    MS104 PTA is now an Amazon Affiliate. Please use this link from our website, bookmark it and use it every time you shop Amazon. It's that simple.
    Every time you shop via our website and purchase something at Amazon, a percentage of your sale will go directly to the MS104 PTA at no extra cost to you and with no change to your existing membership services (such as Prime).
    Ignore any popups that ask you if you want to shop “Amazon Smile” to benefit MS104 PTA. This program pays out at a much lower rate, so please do not use this option.
    Bookmark this link or click on any Amazon ad on the 104 website before shopping at Amazon instead.
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    Looking for ideas about how you can support the school without spending any money?!
    Schoola is the answer! Schoola sells lightly used donated clothing and gives 40% of the sale of that clothing to our school.
    It's so easy:
    1. Click on this link, enter your information and Schoola will send you a prepaid shipping label. 
    2. Select lightly used clothing from your closets (children or women's only please) and pack them up.
    3. Stick the label on your container when you receive it and mail it to Schoola 
    It's that simple. Schoola is one of the easiest ways to support the school AND it doesn't cost you anything! If you're interested, you may also track how much money your clothing contributed to the school. See more information on how Schoola works.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Ms. Terzic, the Librarian, is sending home letters that give instructions for accessing the school's ebook system. Here is a link to those instructions.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Communications Update

    The school has now added text capability to our School Messenger capabilities. We are currently testing this new option.
    To sign up, all you need to do is text 'Y' to '67587'. If you experience any issues, please contact Blanca Rivera.
    Matching Gifts

    As the end of the year approaches, deadlines are approaching for matching gifts.
    Many large companies match charitable donations so please check with your human resources department or use this link.
    If you have made a donation to the PTA or plan to before the end of the year, please confirm the deadline for submitting your matching gift requests.
    Gift Fair Distribution
    Items ordered through our gift fair will be distributed today. If you had a large order, please make arrangements to help your child after school.
    Report Cards
    Report cards for the first marking period were sent home this week. Don't forget to sign the envelopes and return them to the school.
    Lost & Found
    • A parent left a scarf at the PTA Meeting this morning. You may claim it from Rosie in the main office.
    • A phone was found at the school about two months ago. The owner of this missing phone may contact Rosie in the main office. Please be prepared to give details regarding the phone.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    NYC Student Account Changes | Include Options for Multiple Users

    Please see the attached flyer for details regarding changes. Your NYC student account gives you access to all of your child's academic results including the state tests. 
    If you don't have an account, you will need your child's Student ID number, which you'll find on his or her report card, as well as an Account Creation Code issued by the Parent Coordinator. Please contact the Parent Coordinator if you need an Account Creation Code.
    8th grade families, please note that MS104 staff will no longer have access to your account after June 30 so please make sure to set up an account before then.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Cell Phones & Social Media

    Letters regarding the  school's cell phone policy and social media awareness are being sent home with students and will be reviewed during advisory. Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be taken out in the school building or in the school yard during school hours. If taken out, these items will be confiscated and a parent/guardian will need to pick them up at the school. Please read the attached letter for complete details and indicate your acceptance and understanding by signing the contract with your child.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    New Policy for Entry to the School

    There are new policies in place regarding entry to the school, effective Thursday, September 7, 2017. Please be sure your child is aware of the changes as outlined below:

    7:30 - 8:35 a.m.          21st Street Side Door, School Yard
    Students may begin entering the school building and school yard at 7:30 a.m. All students may enter the building and yard using the entrance to the schoolyard on 21st street. 
    8:15 - 8:35 a.m.          20th Street Entrance
    The doors on 20th Street will be open beginning at 8:15 a.m. each morning. Students may utilize the 20th street doors until 8:35 a.m. After 8:35, students must utilize the main entrance.
    8:35 a.m. --                 21st Street Main Entrance
    After 8:35 a.m. all entry to the school will be through the main entrance on 21st Street.
    Please also note:
    1. Once students enter the cafeteria or the yard, they will not be permitted to leave the immediate school grounds or building for any reason. 
    2. Children are officially late if they are entering the building after 8:32 a.m. and must sign in with the attendance registrar
    3. Parents visiting the school at any time must use the main entrance, present photo identification and sign in at the security desk before going to the main office for assistance.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Soccer Fans Unite!!!

    Calling All Soccer Fans
    2018 School Day June 9, 2018
    NYCFC vs Atlanta United
    Kickoff at 12:30 pm. Get details and tickets here.
    Once you're done purchasing, create a group with our school name --Baruch--and share it with your friends, family, and classmates to sit all together at the match
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Mr. Ko | Cast & Crew

    Friday, May 18th - Saturday, 19th @ 7pm
    Come see the magic wrought by Mr. Ko and his amazing cast and crew on this classic hit.
    Also happening:
    Art & Ceramics Show 6-7 pm
    Merchandise & Snacks 5:30 pm
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)

6th Grade

The 6th Grade Assistant Principal, Ms. Traversa, is back from leave.

Inquiries regarding 6th grade issues should now return to Ms. Traversa's attention.

Please email her if you need her assistance.



7th Grade Announcements

High School Information
May 19, 10 am - 1 pm: High School Fair, Marta Valle High School, 145 STANTON STREET
May 22, 5:30 pm: MS104 High School Process meeting for 7th Grade families
May 22, 12:30 pm: MS104 High School Process Meeting for families needing translation. Please contact Blanca Rivera to schedule an appointment.
Free Practice SHSAT
Students can see where they stand by joining Kaplan for a free, 60-minute SHSAT practice test at locations across NYC the weekend of May 19 – 20.
Approximately one week from the test administration, students will receive access to a personalized score report that will help them prepare for test day. Practice tests are free to attend, but seats are limited.
Go to to sign up and for more information about times and locations.

8th Grade

Important Dates
  • Jun 6: Senior Trip
  • Jun 14: Prom
  • Jun 18: Foreign Language Exam
  • Jun 20: Graduation
To help you plan ahead, here's a list of activities/events for the year.
High School Round 2: Next Steps
Results will be released mid-May.
High School: Appeals ProcessDeadline: May 18
  • All families have the right to an appeals process.
  • Appeals are granted under strict and specific circumstances--see attached document for details
  • If you qualify for an appeal based on the guidelines, please contact the guidance department to have your child pick up an appeals form.

8th Grade

Cap & Gown Distribution | June 5, 2018
Cash or Money Order Only!
The vendor will return on June 8, if you miss the June 5 pickup date. See the attached notice for more details.
Senior Dues are still being collected: $75
See more details here.
All fees are payable by cash or check. Checks should be made payable to: GENERAL FUND OF J.H.S 104

Box Tops

Drop your box tops to the main office and we'll do the rest.



40% of proceeds from donations go to MS104

Use this link to request a label. Only like-new items, please!!


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The Baruch Blast is the weekly newsletter from the PTA. The Blast is not the only communication from the school but it does help families keep up-to-date with what is happening. Sign up for the Blast here.

Receive Text Alerts

Parent can now receive texts from the school. Please opt-in by texting "Y" to 67587 from each device on which you wish to receive SMS text messages. This capability is in addition to the phone calls that parents receive regarding attendance etc. If you experience any issues, please contact Blanca Rivera


  • High School Process (with Interpreters)

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • High School Process

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • SCHOOL CLOSED -- Memorial Day

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Spring Concert: 6th Grade

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Spring Music Concert--7th & 8th Grade

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • GR 8 SCIENCE EXAM -- Written

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Senior Trip

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • SCHOOL CLOSED -- Chancellor's Conf. Day

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • SCHOOL CLOSED -- Clerical Day

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Math Regents

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Exec Bd Mtg

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • SLT

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • ARISTA ?

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Prom

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Earth Science Regents

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • SCHOOL CLOSED -- Eid al-Fitr

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Graduation

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • PTA GEN MTG -- PTA/SLT Elections

    Exec Board Elections

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • LAST DAY -- Early Dismissal 11:30 a.m.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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May 17/18:
5:30 pm: Merchandise & Snacks for Sale
6:00 pm: Art & Ceramics Show
7:00: "9 to 5" the Musical
May 18: High School Appeal Deadline
May 19: High School Fair
May 22: High School Process Meeting
May 28: SCHOOL CLOSED, Memorial Day
May 30/31: Spring Concert
June 2018
Jun 4: Science Exam, Grade 8
Jun 6: Senior Trip, Grade 8
Jun 6: Bronx Science Tour
Jun 7: Chancellor's Day, SCHOOL CLOSED
Jun 11: Clerical Day, SCHOOL CLOSED
Jun 12: Math Regents Exam
Jun 12: SLT
Jun 12: Exec Board Meeting
Jun 13: ARISTA ceremony
Jun 14: Earth Science Regents Exam
Jun 14: Prom
Jun 15: Eid al-Fitr, SCHOOL CLOSED
Jun 18: Foreign Language Proficiency Exam
June 20: Graduation
Jun 21: PTA General Meeting, Elections
Jun 26: Last Day, 11:30 am Dismissal
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