• High School Application Process

    Belated thank you to Elissa Stein for co-presenting with Mr. Macri at our high school workshop. If you'd like more information from Elissa, you may reach her at If you were unable to attend the High School Process meeting, here is a copy of the presentation. If you have questions about the process, please contact the guidance counselor, Venessa Jalayer via email at

    For more information on the high school process, please visit the DOE's website. Don't forget to sign up for high school email updates from the DOE! Also, check out these apps about the High School admissions process. Please use this link for information on admission workshops and Specialized open houses.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Report Cards

    Report cards were sent home with students on the last day of school. If your child was absent, you may pick up your report card in the main office during the summer from July 5 - August 10, from Monday through Thursday between 8:00 am -2:30 pm.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Afterschool

    Please take the end-of-year survey to provide feedback on the program.


    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • NYC Student Account

    Your NYC student account gives you access to all of your child's academic results including the state tests. State tests results are released over the summer. If you don't have an account set up, you will not be able to access that information until school reopens in the fall.


    To set up an account you will need your child's Student ID number, which you'll find on his or her report card, as well as an Account Creation Code. The Parent Coordinator sent home letters with this information this week. If you already have an account, you don't need to do anything. If you don't, please use the information provided to create one.
    8th grade families, please note that MS104 staff will no longer have access to you account after June 30 so please make sure to set up an account before then.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Technology Update

    The PTA has just spent $90,000 to purchase new laptops for the school! This purchase ensures that there is a laptop cart with 35 brand new computers available to each house starting in the fall!. This is exciting news for the school and we could not have done it without your generous support.
    Our next goal is the purchase of new active panels or Smart Boards for the classrooms. Each panel costs about $5,000. Please make one final contribution before the school year ends to help us continue to improve our children's access to technology in their classrooms. 

    We encourage you to give what is best for their families; each and every donation is highly appreciated. If you would prefer to spread out your donation over time, you may sign up to become a monthly contributor.  Please use this link to donate  or download the form and return it with your check. 
    Thank you for your continued support!
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Box Tops

    Box Tops are an easy way to contribute to the school and it costs you nothing extra.
    Just save the labels and turn them into the main office at any time.

    So far this year we have $350 from this initiative. We could earn lots more if everyone shared their box tops!

    Go to for more information on the different types of box tops that may be submitted. You may also sign up for special offers and coupons. To sign up for coupon offers, search for "Simon Baruch".

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Direct Appeal

    VISIT to make a donation. ANY contribution is appreciated whether it be big or small, $20, $104, $250, $500 or more! You can make it a one time or recurring monthly donation. Please make a donation that makes sense for your family but we do hope you'll consider making one.

    As a reminder, your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law as MS104 PTA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. December 31 is the deadline for you to receive tax benefits for charitable donations for the 2016 calendar year.

    Double your donation by checking if you or your spouse works for a company with a Matching Gift Program at

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Pupil Path

    If you are having any difficulty or questions regarding PupilPath, please contact their support team at: or
    866.817.0726 ext 2 Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8 PM.


    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Cell Phone Policy

    Please see the attached letter from the Principal regarding the school's cell phone policy. Parents and students should read the policy and sign the letter declaring that they have read and understand the policy. Signed letters should be returned to the home room teachers.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)

Baruch Honors

MS104 has a Honor Roll to acknowledge the hard work of its students. Honor roll students are acknowledged directly by the school at the end of each marking period. The criteria for honor roll are:
  • Overall average of 95% or above AND
  • Average of 90% or above for every class



Students have the option of participating in the national ARISTA honors society.  Participation in ARISTA is voluntary. ARISTA is open to 7th & 8th Grade students who meet the following criteria:

  • A cumulative average of 90% or more in the 1st and 2nd marking period
  • No referrals to the Dean
  • No more than 5 lateneses or absences
  • At least 8 unpaid service and leadership points earned through participation and leadership in clubs, teams, community service, religious activities, etc.
  • 5 hours of Community Service is equal to 1 point
  • Clubs/Teams/Activities that meet once a week for the year are equal to 1 point
  • Activities that meet 2 or 3 times a week are equal to 2-3 points

Students that are accepted into ARISTA are honored in a ceremony that takes place in June.  Click here for more information on ARISTA.