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    Afterschool Programs

     Important Dates:
    November 17 Boys JV 3:00 - 5:45 pm
    November 18 Afterschool Registration goes live 12 pm
    November 20 Boys JV Callbacks 3:00 - 4:30 pm
    November 22 Last day of Afterschool  Fall sesson ends

     If you any questions or concerns, please email Mike Jones. For more information about the MY Afterschool program, use this link.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Gift Fair Winners!!!

    Thanks to all the families that supported the gift fair. The school sold over $16,000 worth of merchanidise--the most for any school in Manhattan!! The event raised approximately $8,000 for the school.
    The winners of the incentives offered are:
    Sixth Grade Raffle: Elisabeta Nieto Sameer Karmarkar
    Seventh Grade Raffle Nathaniel Phillip Vincent Li
    Eighth Grade Raffle
    (free Senior Trip)
    Nyah Gh'Rael Kai Gonzalez
    Free Pizza Party 613, Ms. Boelson Most items sold!!

     Congratulations to all the students in the 8th grade who raised enough money that they will all get free admission to the prom!! 

    Thanks to Ali Hoffman and Robin Adler-Errico for running this successful event!

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    A Message from the Principal | Enhancing Communication with Families

    With each year, the Simon Baruch staff works to ensure that we can communicate with families in various ways. This year, we have added School Messenger to our communication efforts. School Messenger is an automated call program that can contact families with information regarding student absences and alerts for special events and announcements. The contact number that is in the ATS system is what is utilized for this program.

    To ensure that your contact information is accurate, contact our Parent Coordinator Blanca Rivera. We hope this platform will continue to build on our communication efforts with families.

    Rocco Macri
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    NYC Student Account Changes | Include Options for Multiple Users

    Please see the attached flyer for details regarding changes. Your NYC student account gives you access to all of your child's academic results including the state tests. 
    If you don't have an account, you will need your child's Student ID number, which you'll find on his or her report card, as well as an Account Creation Code issued by the Parent Coordinator. Please contact the Parent Coordinator if you need an Account Creation Code.
    8th grade families, please note that MS104 staff will no longer have access to your account after June 30 so please make sure to set up an account before then.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    PupilPath Presentations | PTA/SLT

    Here's a copy of the PupilPath help guide from the last PTA meeting.  At that meeting, we elected two new SLT members -- James Adams and Amy Frisch. Congratulations to both. We also confirmed the following new members of the PTA team:
    1. Co-Secretary: Jennifer Lemberg
    2. Co-Treasurer: Lucy Green
    3. Member-at-large: Ron Correa
    4. Member-at-large: Peter Shearer.
    Thank you all for stepping up to help support our children!
    The  November PTA meeting will be held on 11.16.17 (change from 11.15.17). The topic is TBA.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Cell Phones & Social Media

    Letters regarding the  school's cell phone policy and social media awareness are being sent home with students and will be reviewed during advisory. Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be taken out in the school building or in the school yard during school hours. If taken out, these items will be confiscated and a parent/guardian will need to pick them up at the school. Please read the attached letter for complete details and indicate your acceptance and understanding by signing the contract with your child.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Supply lists will be distributed by the teachers on the first day of school. Each child should take a notebook and pen for the first day.

    Students may purchase planners and merchandise in the cafeteria during lunch periods from September 11-14. Planners and basic t-shirts are $10 each; hoodies, hats and socks are also available for sale--see the complete price list here. Cash, credit cards and/or checks made out to MS104 PTA are accepted. After September 14, planners may be purchased in the Main Office.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    New Policy for Entry to the School

    There are new policies in place regarding entry to the school, effective Thursday, September 7, 2017. Please be sure your child is aware of the changes as outlined below:

    7:30 - 8:35 a.m.          21st Street Side Door, School Yard
    Students may begin entering the school building and school yard at 7:30 a.m. All students may enter the building and yard using the entrance to the schoolyard on 21st street. 
    8:15 - 8:35 a.m.          20th Street Entrance
    The doors on 20th Street will be open beginning at 8:15 a.m. each morning. Students may utilize the 20th street doors until 8:35 a.m. After 8:35, students must utilize the main entrance.
    8:35 a.m. --                 21st Street Main Entrance
    After 8:35 a.m. all entry to the school will be through the main entrance on 21st Street.
    Please also note:
    1. Once students enter the cafeteria or the yard, they will not be permitted to leave the immediate school grounds or building for any reason. 
    2. Children are officially late if they are entering the building after 8:32 a.m. and must sign in with the attendance registrar
    3. Parents visiting the school at any time must use the main entrance, present photo identification and sign in at the security desk before going to the main office for assistance.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Programming Changes 2017/2018

    Foreign Language Study

    We will continue to offer Spanish and French to our students. In grade seven, students will take introductory courses in both languages, with students taking a half year of both Spanish and French. At the end of the school year, students will then be able to select which language they will take in grade eight. This change will provide students with the opportunity to be exposed to both languages before deciding which one they would like to take in grade eight. 

    In grade eight, students will receive five periods a week of their selected language, instead of the four periods students received in past years. By increasing the amount of time students receive foreign language instruction in grade eight, we believe students will have an improved experience in learning the language and better prepare them for the foreign language proficiency exam in June.

    Those students that take the foreign language proficiency exam in Spanish or French and pass it will receive high school credit. This will allow them to advance to the next level of the language at the high school level.

    Elective Courses

    In our elective courses, we have made adjustments to ensure that our students are exposed to our arts programs. 

    In grade six, all students will take ceramics and technology. In addition, all students that do not take instrumental music will take drama. In grade seven all students will take visual art. Those students that wish to continue in instrumental music will be able to do so.  As in the past, at the end of grade seven students will have the opportunity to rank our elective courses in order of preference and we work diligently to ensure that students receive one of their top choices for grade eight.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • High School Application Process

    Belated thank you to Elissa Stein for co-presenting with Mr. Macri at our high school workshop. If you'd like more information from Elissa, you may reach her at If you were unable to attend the High School Process meeting, here is a copy of the presentation. If you have questions about the process, please contact the guidance counselor, Venessa Jalayer via email at

    For more information on the high school process, please visit the DOE's website. Don't forget to sign up for high school email updates from the DOE! Also, check out these apps about the High School admissions process. Please use this link for information on admission workshops and Specialized open houses.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Box Tops

    Box Tops are an easy way to contribute to the school and it costs you nothing extra.
    Just save the labels and turn them into the main office at any time.

    So far this year we have $350 from this initiative. We could earn lots more if everyone shared their box tops!

    Go to for more information on the different types of box tops that may be submitted. You may also sign up for special offers and coupons. To sign up for coupon offers, search for "Simon Baruch".

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
  • Pupil Path

    If you are having any difficulty or questions regarding PupilPath, please contact their support team at: or
    866.817.0726 ext 2 Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8 PM.


    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)


MS104 is committed to providing its students with a quality education that will empower them in their future. Through the combined efforts of administration, teachers, parents, and community, educational experiences will connect to student lives and allow reasoning in the highest order. To attain our goals we believe that every student must have the opportunity to: l work to his fullest potential l be presented with high teacher expectations and teachers who will be held to the highest professional standards l be provided with multiple opportunities and modalities to express newly acquired knowledge and ideas l become an independent learner and creative thinker as well as work cooperatively in a group setting lunderstand the need to participate in the community as an informed and involved citizen l understand our cultural heritage and develop respect for the differences and diversity in our society l understand the need for environmental protection and an appreciation for the earth l achieve physical and emotional well being l develop and appreciation for music, visual and performing arts


MS104 is dedicated to providing all students with strong academic preparation. Our goal is to teach young people to think clearly, express themselves lucidly, value creative expression, understand mathematical and logical thoughts, the methods of science and technology, and to appreciate their own and other cultures. Beyond that, MS104 aspires to impart a sense that learning can engage the mind and spirit, a desire to take responsibility, and a commitment to serve others. Ultimately, MS104 students will be prepared with intellectual strength, technical skills, aesthetic appreciation, and positive self-esteem that will enable them to successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow and make positive contributions to the society in which they live.