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    PTA Meeting | Wednesday, January 17th

    On December 13th, we had an interesting and enlightening presentation by a member of the Manhattan ADA's office regarding Internet Safety and Identity Security.
    A copy of that presentation is included here. The presenter has also promised to send us more information based on specific questions that were asked during the meeting.
    We'll share those with you when we receive them.
    The next PTA meeting will be January 17, 2018. The topic will be the school's emergency response plan.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Spirit Week | December 18th-22nd

    Spirit Week is a time to get students enthused and supportive of our school.
    It is also a time to get students involved, working cooperatively, and united in a common goal of promoting school spirit.
    During this week students are encouraged to dress up to the various themes and express their creativity, and individuality.
    We recommend that all students participate and raise the school spirit--this should be a fun-filled week.
    Get ready! Here's the list of daily themes.
    It will be a blast!!
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    After-school News

    This weekend our LEGO Robotics team placed 3rd in the 'Robot Games'.
    Please join us in congratulating these students who spent 8 hours of their day on Sunday to take part in this amazing event.
    Also to the families who accompanied them to and from the site location!
    December 22, 2017  After School Ends at 4:30PM Please make arrangements for your children to be picked up early
    Winter Break Programs
    MY is offering FREE programs during the February Winter Break. The program runs from Tuesday - Friday, February 20-23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. 
    Students must sign up for all four days of the program they select. 
    Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for all four day by DOE's Schoolfood.
    MY Winter Filmmaking Intensive
    MY Winter Basketball Camp

    Email is always the best and fastest way to reach Mike, Marylyne, and Adler during the day.
    However, should you need to call, the number to use is 646-859-9116
    This is the program line that is available 10 am - 6:30 pm, Monday-Friday. 
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Communications Update

    The school has now added text capability to our School Messenger capabilities. We are currently testing this new option.
    To sign up, all you need to do is text 'Y' to '67587'. If you experience any issues, please contact Blanca Rivera.
    Matching Gifts

    As the end of the year approaches, deadlines are approaching for matching gifts.
    Many large companies match charitable donations so please check with your human resources department or use this link.
    If you have made a donation to the PTA or plan to before the end of the year, please confirm the deadline for submitting your matching gift requests.
    Gift Fair Distribution
    Items ordered through our gift fair will be distributed today. If you had a large order, please make arrangements to help your child after school.
    Report Cards
    Report cards for the first marking period were sent home this week. Don't forget to sign the envelopes and return them to the school.
    Lost & Found
    • A parent left a scarf at the PTA Meeting this morning. You may claim it from Rosie in the main office.
    • A phone was found at the school about two months ago. The owner of this missing phone may contact Rosie in the main office. Please be prepared to give details regarding the phone.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Photo Retakes | Thursday, January 18th

    If you were absent on Picture Day, want your picture retaken, or just want to order another portrait package, you will have a second chance.  
    • If you want your picture retaken, you MUST return the original picture set before the retake is done (bring back your picture package on January 18th ).
    • If you were absent for the first picture day and want to buy a set of pictures or you want to order additional pictures
    • You may either pay online before picture day or send in a check or cash on the day of the retake. Please use this link to order online -- search for JHS 104 Simon Baruch.
    • There is no charge for retakes.
    If you have any questions about the pictures or the procedure, please contact Ms. McCaffrey.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Winter Break Camps


    Registration is now open for weeklong filmmaking camps during the school breaks in February and April. As a partner, our school community gets a $50 discount on all registration! Use code SCHD18 during registration

    Kids will explore all aspects of filmmaking - storyboarding, set creation, camerawork, lighting, sound design, and more - to create a short film.

    Winter Session:Feb 19-23
    Grades 6-8
    Inspired by the Masters: Aardman Studios - Make a stop-motion adventure inspired by the studio behind Wallace and Gromit
    Spring Session: April 2-6
    Grades 6-8
    Inspired by the Masters: PES and Found Object Animation - Think outside the box with some inspiration from master animator PES and create a short by transforming everyday objects into something completely different

    All camps are held at Pine Street School (25 Pine Street, NY, NY 10005) in the Financial District. To sign up visit: To view previous camp films visit:
    Arts in Action

    Registration for spring classes now open. See flyer for more information.
    Lumos Debate
    Public Speaking and Debate Workshop. 
    Lumos is running a 2-day Debate Workshop during December, February, and April vacation breaks. Your child will study public speaking, critical thinking, and leadership with experienced instructors. The class is lots of fun and very active - a good class even for shy or quiet kids. The class is open to students Grades 6-9. For more info call 617-901-4564. Register here.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Volunteer Opportunity

    The PTA has donations from last year's auction that were not sold and will not be included in this year's auction.
    We are looking for someone with experience selling on Ebay to post and manage sales of these items on Ebay.
    Please email the PTA if you're interested in this opportunity. 
    Thank you!
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Afterschool Program Updates

    The Winter session of the After-school Program registration is currently closed, but if you'd like to have your child participate in the program please email Mike Jones or Marylyne Myrthil.
    Winter Break Programs
    MY is offering FREE programs during the February Winter Break. The program runs from Tuesday - Friday, February 20-23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. 
    Students must sign up for all four days of the program they select. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for all four day by DOE's Schoolfood.
    MY Winter Filmmaking Intensive
    MY Winter Basketball Camp

    Email is always the best and fastest way to reach Mike, Marylyne, and Adler during the day.
    However, should you need to call, the number to use is 646-859-9116
    This is the program line that is available 10 am - 6:30 pm, Monday-Friday. 
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Math Presentation

    Thanks to everyone for attending the PTA meeting last week centered around Math at 104.
    It was great to see so many people play the factor game, try and discover different strategies, and have great mathematical conversations.  

    Some of you asked for resources regarding the CMP 3 curriculum.  Please find a list of links that will hopefully help answer some of your questions.  
    If you still have more, feel free to reach out to your student's Math teacher or me. Please keep in mind that while CMP3 is at the core of our curriculum at 104, teachers do not cover every investigation and use supplements where they see necessary.
    The general website for the Connected Math Project (CMP) can be found here.  If you have time you may play around with the site and gain some insight as to how the curriculum was built, see student work samples, and read through some FAQs families have regarding the type of Math that is done within CMP.
    • If you are looking for a list of titles for the books your students are using, that may be found here.
    • If you want to purchase the books that your students are using in school, you may do so here.  I will say that a significant amount of training goes into learning how to teach the curriculum and looking through a book may be difficult if the context (much of which is found in the teacher's guides) is not clear to a parent.
    • If you would like to take a look at released state exam questions from previous years, you may do so here.
    Christopher Comparetto
    Assistant Principal
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Gift Fair Winners!!!

    Thanks to all the families that supported the gift fair. The school sold over $16,000 worth of merchanidise--the most for any school in Manhattan!! The event raised approximately $8,000 for the school.
    The winners of the incentives offered are:
    Sixth Grade Raffle: Elisabeta Nieto Sameer Karmarkar
    Seventh Grade Raffle Nathaniel Phillip Vincent Li
    Eighth Grade Raffle
    (free Senior Trip)
    Nyah Gh'Rael Kai Gonzalez
    Free Pizza Party 613, Ms. Boelson Most items sold!!

    Congratulations to all the students in the 8th grade who raised enough money that they will all get free admission to the prom!! 

    Thanks to Ali Hoffman and Robin Adler-Errico for running this successful event!

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    NYC Student Account Changes | Include Options for Multiple Users

    Please see the attached flyer for details regarding changes. Your NYC student account gives you access to all of your child's academic results including the state tests. 
    If you don't have an account, you will need your child's Student ID number, which you'll find on his or her report card, as well as an Account Creation Code issued by the Parent Coordinator. Please contact the Parent Coordinator if you need an Account Creation Code.
    8th grade families, please note that MS104 staff will no longer have access to your account after June 30 so please make sure to set up an account before then.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    PupilPath Presentations | PTA/SLT

    Here's a copy of the PupilPath help guide from the last PTA meeting.  At that meeting, we elected two new SLT members -- James Adams and Amy Frisch. Congratulations to both. We also confirmed the following new members of the PTA team:
    1. Co-Secretary: Jennifer Lemberg
    2. Co-Treasurer: Lucy Green
    3. Member-at-large: Ron Correa
    4. Member-at-large: Peter Shearer.
    Thank you all for stepping up to help support our children!
    The  November PTA meeting will be held on 11.16.17 (change from 11.15.17). The topic is TBA.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    Cell Phones & Social Media

    Letters regarding the  school's cell phone policy and social media awareness are being sent home with students and will be reviewed during advisory. Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be taken out in the school building or in the school yard during school hours. If taken out, these items will be confiscated and a parent/guardian will need to pick them up at the school. Please read the attached letter for complete details and indicate your acceptance and understanding by signing the contract with your child.

    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)
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    New Policy for Entry to the School

    There are new policies in place regarding entry to the school, effective Thursday, September 7, 2017. Please be sure your child is aware of the changes as outlined below:

    7:30 - 8:35 a.m.          21st Street Side Door, School Yard
    Students may begin entering the school building and school yard at 7:30 a.m. All students may enter the building and yard using the entrance to the schoolyard on 21st street. 
    8:15 - 8:35 a.m.          20th Street Entrance
    The doors on 20th Street will be open beginning at 8:15 a.m. each morning. Students may utilize the 20th street doors until 8:35 a.m. After 8:35, students must utilize the main entrance.
    8:35 a.m. --                 21st Street Main Entrance
    After 8:35 a.m. all entry to the school will be through the main entrance on 21st Street.
    Please also note:
    1. Once students enter the cafeteria or the yard, they will not be permitted to leave the immediate school grounds or building for any reason. 
    2. Children are officially late if they are entering the building after 8:32 a.m. and must sign in with the attendance registrar
    3. Parents visiting the school at any time must use the main entrance, present photo identification and sign in at the security desk before going to the main office for assistance.
    Simon Baruch Middle School (02M104)


Please sign up to become a volunteer and be among the first to be advised of volunteer opportunities at the school.

The PTA depends on volunteers to support various events at the school such as the auction, dances, selling merchandise or helping students at the book fair. It's a very rewarding and flexible way to show your support for the school and our children.