Understanding Lexile Levels for Reading

Dear Parent / Guardian,

This year, our students developed their reading skills and vastly improved their Lexile scores using the Achieve3000 site. We applaud them.

Summer vacation is a time when many students fall behind academically. Many enter 9th grade losing as much as 3 months of skill and progress from where they were in June of 8th grade. We encourage students to remain life-long learners and readers during the summer months.

Please refer to the list of 100 books for students entering High School. We provide this many in order to cater to the tastes and skills of our varying levels of 8th graders. Help your students keep up with their skills and maintain a love for all types of literature this summer. Most books on this list can be found at your local library, bookstore or online book retailer. Whether it’s Biography, Sci-Fi, Romance, Adventure, Non-fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy, or Horror, we suggest reading at least 30 minutes per day during summer months and the school year.

Research shows students best develop reading skills when working with text matched to their independent reading levels. For this reason, the 100 books are listed with the Lexile score. Please read the info below regarding Lexile ranges and the Achieve 3000 program.

The Common Core State Standards offer the following overlapping Lexile bands to rate texts by complexity. States now use realigned Lexile ranges to match CCSS standards.

Achieve3000 is a computer-based reading program that reaches every student at his or her own level. Your child received reading materials that were not too easy nor too difficult, but at just the right level to help increase his/her literacy skills and to prepare for college and career.

This Lexile score may have been adjusted over the course of the school year as your child's reading abilities progress. Your Lexile level is available in the College and Career Center of your A3000 account. Contact us if you need the exact Lexile score of your student.

The chart below shows typical Lexile levels by grade. To interpret the chart, find your child's grade level and refer to the right-hand column to find the typical Lexile range for students in that grade. For example, most students enter 9th grade reading between 1040L and 1350L.


Typical Lexile Level


Up to 295


170L to 545L


415L to 760L


635L to 950L


770L to 1080L


855L to 1165L


925L to 1235L


985L to 1295L


1040L to 1350L


1085L to 1400L


1130L to 1440L

*The lower number represents the 25th percentile and the higher number represents the 75th percentile for typical students at that grade level.

Keep in mind that the reading abilities of young people in the same grade at school can vary just as much as their shoe sizes. For more information about Lexiles visit: https://lexile.com/about-lexile/lexile-overview/. If you have any questions about these results or how they will be used, please contact us over www.pupilpath.com

Rock on & Read On,

House 60 Teachers

Summer Reading List (Going into 9th Grade)