Academic Requirements & Eligibility

There are two tracks for admission to the school--Academic Progress (AP) and Special Progress (SP). Each has its own criteria for admission.


Academic Progress (AP)

All students who live in the zone are guaranteed a seat in the AP program. Non-zoned students who live outside the zone, but within District 2, may apply through the school choice process and must satisfy the selection criteria outlined in the rubric for admissions. Please refer to the PDF below for more information. 

 MS 104 Academic Program AP.pdf 



Special Progress (SP)

Admission to the SP Program (Special Progress) is based on a number of performance and behavioral criteria as indicated on the admissions rubric. This rubric is applied to all students that apply to the SP program. Students are ranked based on the score earned on the rubric, with higher scores on the rubric earning higher rankings. Please refer to the PDF below for more information. 

 MS 104 Special Progress SP.pdf