Take the MS104 Challenge

The PTA has embarked on a multi-year project of providing a laptop for all students in their four core classes--ELA, Social Studies, Science and Math. Currently each house has one set of laptops that is shared among four/five classes. This means, only one class can use the laptops at any given time. The PTA's goal is to have at least four sets of laptops available for each house. This is an annual cost of approximately $100,000. This is the major use of your donations to the PTA.

 In addition, donations also help the PTA to:

  • Provide professional and staff development for MS104 teachers and leadership staff to learn new teaching methods for academic excellence.
  • Bring STEM and other academic enrichment programs into the classroom.

100% of every dollar raised in the MS104 Challenge will be directed to important programs to help the entire MS104 community. Regardless of the amount, we value each and every contribution.  Download Donation Form