PupilPath is the online grade book system used at MS104. It is accessed with a personal code given to the student by the his\her teacher in the first month of the school year. PupilPath allows  the student and parents/guardians to view grades, some homework assignments, and contact teachers. It is a great tool to keep parents in the loop regarding assignments and communicate with teachers. Please note that not all teachers use PupilPath to the same degree so please take note where teachers suggest other means of contact, for example.

PupilPath is new to the school. To logon, you will need information from your child's teacher with the school registration code and your child's DOE identification number. If you have already registered and you have questions, please contact PupilPath at at supportteam@ioeducation.com or call 866.817.0726 ext 2 Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8 PM.