Foreign Language

Students are offered the opportunity to take Spanish or French in grades seven and eight.

In grade seven, students will take introductory courses in both languages, with students taking a half year of both Spanish and French. At the end of the school year, students will then be able to select which language they will take in grade eight. This change will provide students with the opportunity to be exposed to both languages before deciding which one they would like to take in grade eight. 

In grade eight, students will receive five periods a week of their selected language, instead of the four periods students received in past years. By increasing the amount of time students receive foreign language instruction in grade eight, we believe students will have an improved experience in learning the language and better prepare them for the foreign language proficiency exam in June.

Those students that take the foreign language proficiency exam in Spanish or French and pass it will receive high school credit. This will allow them to advance to the next level of the language at the high school level.


The Arts

We believe exposure to the arts is an integral part of the middle school learning experience. MS 104 offers a wide array of arts and technology programs that foster the development of multiple talents. These courses include:

  •    visual art
  •    ceramics
  •    orchestral music
  •    drama
  •    technology
  •    multimedia journalism
  •    creative writing

In grade six, all students will take ceramics and technology. In addition, all students that do not take instrumental music* will take drama. In grade seven all students will take visual art. Those students that wish to continue in instrumental music will be able to do so.  As in the past, at the end of grade seven students will have the opportunity to rank our elective courses in order of preference and we work diligently to ensure that students receive one of their top choices for grade eight.

* Prior to the beginning of grade six, incoming students may indicate whether they would like to enroll in orchestral music. If they choose to do music, this will fill the majority of the students’ course schedule dedicated to the arts.