Baruch Honors

MS104 has a Honor Roll to acknowledge the hard work of its students. Honor roll students are acknowledged directly by the school at the end of each marking period. The criteria for honor roll are:
  • Overall average of 95% or above AND
  • Average of 90% or above for every class



Students have the option of participating in the national ARISTA honors society.  Participation in ARISTA is voluntary. ARISTA is open to 7th & 8th Grade students who meet the following criteria:

  • A cumulative average of 90% or more in the 1st and 2nd marking period
  • No referrals to the Dean
  • No more than 5 lateneses or absences
  • At least 8 unpaid service and leadership points earned through participation and leadership in clubs, teams, community service, religious activities, etc.
  • 5 hours of Community Service is equal to 1 point
  • Clubs/Teams/Activities that meet once a week for the year are equal to 1 point
  • Activities that meet 2 or 3 times a week are equal to 2-3 points

Students that are accepted into ARISTA are honored in a ceremony that takes place in June.  Click here for more information on ARISTA.