Progress Reports

Progress Reports are mailed out before Parent/Teacher Conferences. This report provides parents with information about the academic progress of their child. Parents should review the Progress Report thoroughly with their child. Any questions or concerns should be addressed at the Parent/Teacher Conference.

Report Cards

Report Cards are distributed to the students three times a year, usually in December, March and June. Important information is included on the Report Cards concerning attendance, punctuality and conduct, as well as subject grades. With the exception of the last Report Card, parents must sign the envelope and have their child return the envelope promptly to his/her teacher after each distribution. The last Report Card is issued on the last day of school in June and contains promotional information. If your child will not be present on the last day of school, a self-addressed stamped envelope can be left with his/her homeroom teacher. His/her Report Card will be mailed provided that all school issued books have been returned.